Ziegelei Museum

For Families
Discover – experience – create – enjoy! – There are many facets to the Ziegelei-Museum. Discover the museum and its surroundings on your own or celebrate your birthday with us!

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You and your children may discover the area of the museum together with the original Ziegelhütte (brickworks) or design your own tiles, lay a roof, play or grill on the Zwergenwerkplatz (a nature-oriented playground), drive the Rollwägeli (narrow-gauge railway) or watch animals and plants in the Biotop (nature reserve).
The tools for making bricks and tiles or the key for the Rollwägeli may be borrowed at the museum reception (deposit of CHF 30.- or an ID). – Have fun!

Celebrate your children’s birthday at the museum (5-12 years, duration 1,5 h; in German only)

For groups
There’s a whole world of tiles and bricks that you may never have noticed before! We love to show this fascinating world of building ceramics and traditional brick and tile manufacturing to groups during a guided tour.

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Our culture, economic and social history is reflected in building ceramics. During our hour-long guided tour, you'll hear about the development of clay from archaic to cultural material. The local brick and tile manufacturing family Lörch created this special spot through their craft. Entering the Ziegelhütte, you’ll experience the craft coming alive.

If you wish, you may create your own special “Feierabendziegel” (decorated tile; a separate workshop, not included in the 1-hour tour).

On your own
Discover our museum and the surrounding grounds with the Ziegelhütte, the Biotop, and the Zwergenwerkplatz on your own.

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Learn more about the objects on display with the help of different “fans”, dedicated to several special themes. Listen to the stories of contemporary witnesses or build a wall with your own hands. Discover the Ziegelhütte (original brickworks from the 19th century) or take a break in the Biotop (natural reserve) or on the terrace of the Ziegler-Beizli (self-service restaurant).

You may also participate public guided tours or workshops.

Please see our calendar (German) for dates and further information.

Please see also our General terms and conditions (German)


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