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The foundation Stiftung Ziegelei-Museum runs a scientific library and an extensive collection. The machine collection is situated on the grounds of the company Ziegelei Keller, plant Paradies, Schlatt TG.

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The foundation employs scientist to research architectural ceramics, cultural artifacts that have hitherto been neglected. Their field of research covers all objects that have been produced in brick or tile works, the necessary tools as well as economic and social aspects concerning brick and tile makers and users.
They’re interested in the departments of archaeology, art history, history, cultural anthropology, history of technology and industry, sociology, art, design and many more.

The scientists of the Ziegelei-Museum work together with archaeological and heritage departments, building researchers, other museums, and private people. They answer questions, deliver opinions and reports (e.g. regarding kilns, brickworks, historic roofs or single objects). They accept research assignments, make inventories of collections, counsel museums with their own collections and contribute to company or municipality chronicles.

Our archive and library, as well as the museum collection, are open to visit and use for your own research by appointment. Just send us a message so we may fix a date.

Museum collection
The term “architectural ceramics” encompasses all objects that were produced in brickworks, e.g. roofing tiles, bricks, floor tiles or tubes. The many facets and the variety of those seemingly simple and ordinary products are astonishing.

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The foundation Stiftung Ziegelei-Museum runs the central office for the documentation of the brick and tile making craft and industry in Switzerland. It contains an extensive collection of objects as well as a technical library and archive.

All objects are described in detail and can be used for research. They are either on display in the museum exhibition or stored in a safe room where they can be viewed by appointment.

Machine collection
Over the years, many machines were donated by the brick and tile industry to the Ziegelei-Museum.  They document the ever-changing way of production since the 19th century.

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For reasons of exhibition space and maintenance, it’s kept at a former production building at the plant Paradies of the Ziegelei Keller in Schlatt TG.

Peter Juchli, the former manager of the brickworks Paradies, restored the machines, parts, and accessories with a profound knowledge and passion for detail. Thanks to him, many of the machines are now functional.

If you’d like to visit, please make an appointment with Peter Juchli.

The foundation’s machine collection is kept on the premises of the plant Paradies of the Ziegelei Keller in Schlatt TG (see map). It may be visited by appointment.

Technical library and archive
The technical library and comprises publications concerning architectural ceramics, brick and tile makers, craft and industry. In the archive, we preserve original documents, pictures, and sound files.

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All publications and archival material are recorded in a library database. Our technical library is a reference library, i.e. you may peruse the documents but they cannot be taken out.

Please contact us if you’d like to use the library.

The regular staff of the Fachstelle consists of the scientific assistant Dr. Hannes Flück.

Myrta Freimann is our head of the accounting department.
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Our objects-database includes more than 9000 records from the fields of architectural ceramics, tools, machines, art, prints, folk art, and archaeological finds.

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