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Verein Ziegelei-Museum
The purpose of the Association Verein Ziegelei-Museum is to foster interest for the Ziegelei-Museum, support its activities and to form a bridge between the public and the museum with its unique surroundings.

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The new Ziegelei-Museum offers unique opportunities for experience and recreation for the people of Cham and the whole region. The Ziegelei-Museum is for everybody who is interested in ancient crafts, bricks, tiles and industrial ceramics, in history or in cultural landscapes. It’s also for families with children who like to spend an afternoon out in nature learning and enjoying different activities.

These new opportunities and extensive activities increase the tasks for the foundation and the museum staff. For this reason, the association Verein Ziegelei-Museum was created on September 5th, 2012. Its purpose is to foster and support the Ziegelei-Museum.

Founding members of the board were Hans Martin Oehri, President of Cham Tourismus, Claudia Emmenegger, cultural officer and musicologist, Alex Gemperle, master roofer and proprietor of Gemperle AG (building shell), Silvan Durscher, landscape architect FH, Patrik Meier, cabinet maker and wood workshop in Baar, and Judith Matter, specialist teacher TW and primary school teacher. A close connection to the foundation is granted by the inclusion of museum director Jürg Goll and the president of the foundation Urs Perner on the association board.
The association is constantly searching new members and people who’d like to support it by joining its board, enriching the association with their input.
The most important purpose of the association is to get people interested in the museum and in joining the association, thus incorporating the local community and creating a base for volunteers who support the museum’s activities and events.
Another important purpose is networking and collaboration with other cultural associations and organizations.

Judith Matter, President

The purposes of the Association are:

Your benefits as a member:



The annual fee is CHF 20.-
for individual members,
CHF Fr. 30.- for families.

Send your application to:
Judith Matter
Rainmatt 3
6331 Hünenberg,
via application form
or phone
+41 (0)79 747 22 84

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